Mastering Java 2, J2SE 1.4 (Paperback)

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Mastering Java 2, J2SE 1.4 (Paperback)

John Zukowski, "Mastering Java 2, J2SE 1.4"
ISBN: 078214022X | Publisher: Sybex | 2002-04-24 | Number Of Pages: 928 | 5.6 Mb | PDF

The 1.4 version of Java 2 Standard Edition provides many new programming capabilities while making plenty of old tasks easier. But without reliable guidance, you'll find it hard to take advantage of even a fraction of what the new SDK has to offer. Filled with detailed coverage of the new technology, step-by-step instruction, and tips from an acclaimed Java consultant and author, Mastering Java 2, J2SE 1.4 is the resource you'll want to keep within easy reach.

Coverage Includes:
* Understanding the Java programming language
* Building forms with the Swing component set
* Creating superior graphics with the Java 2D API
* Supporting advanced data structures with the Collections API
* Improving the speed of your Java applications
* Taking advantage of Swing's support of drag and drop
* Understanding OOP concepts, including UML
* Working with Java's new assertion capabilities
* Using Java's new I/O capabilities: nonblocking read and write operations, application preferences, and logging
* Solving tough printing challenges
* Working with installation options, including Java Plug-in and Java Web Start
* Working with multiple threads and timer tasks