Mastering Akka

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Mastering Akka

Mastering Akka
by Christian Baxter
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1786465027 | 428 Pages | True PDF | 5.7 MB

Master the art of creating scalable, concurrent, and reactive applications using Akka.

For a programmer, writing multi-threaded applications is critical as it is important to break large tasks into smaller ones and run them simultaneously. Akka is a distributed computing toolkit that uses the abstraction of the Actor model, enabling developers to build correct, concurrent, and distributed applications using Java and Scala with ease.

The book begins with a quick introduction that simplifies concurrent programming with actors. We then proceed to master all aspects of domain-driven design. We ll teach you how to scale out with Akka Remoting/Clustering. Finally, we introduce Conductr as a means to deploy to and manage microservices across a cluster.

What you will learn:

- Use Akka actors to enable parallel execution
- Build out domain-driven design based components like entities and aggregates
- Respond to command requests on that aggregate root that affect the internal state
- Leverage Akka Persistence, protobuf and Cassandra to save the persistent state of you entities
- Build out complex processing graphs with the Graph Builder DSL
- Understand the dynamic push/pull nature of backpressure handling within Akka Streams
- Route HTTP requests to an actor and return a response
- Deploy actor instances across a set of nodes via Conductr for high availability