Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra (A reupload)

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Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra (A reupload)

Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra
Hardcover: 700 pages | Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Package edition | (February 15, 2001) | Size : 5 mb

Book Description
This book is designed for an introductory course in matrix and linear algebra. It is assumed that the student has had some exposure to calculus. Here are some of its main goals:

* To provide a balanced blend of applications, theory and computation which emphasizes their interdependence. * To assist those who wish to incorporate mathematical experimentation through computer technology into the class. Each chapter has an optional section on computational notes and projects, as well as computer exercises sprinkled throughout. * To help students to think precisely and express their thoughts clearly. Requiring written reports is one vehicle for teaching good expression of mathematical ideas. The projects given in this text provide material for such reports. * To encourage cooperative learning. Mathematics educators are becoming increasingly appreciative of this powerful mode of learning. Team projects and reports are excellent vehicles for cooperative learning. * To promote individual learning by providing a complete and readable text. It is hoped that students will find the text worthy of being a permanent part of their reference library, particularly for the basic linear algebra needed for the applied mathematical sciences.