Gary Maxwell, "Synthetic Nitrogen Products"

Posted By: Alexpal

Gary Maxwell, "Synthetic Nitrogen Products: A Practical Guide to the Products and Processes"
Springer | ISBN 0306482258 | 2004 Year | PDF | 16 Mb | 388 Pages

This book provides a comprehensive description of 1) products that are made from or that contain nitrogen, 2) the processes that produce these products and 3) the markets that consume these products. The goal has been to present an abundance of information in one book so that the reader will find the maximum amount of useful information in one place. The first four chapters provide basic information about nitrogen and nitrogen products and processes. Chapters 5 through 20 provide detailed descriptions of various nitrogen or nitrogen-containing products. The material is presented in a standardized format that should make this book easy to use and helpful to all readers. A wide variety of readers in countries around the world should find the book useful - from students to professors, to technical professionals to business marketing personnel.