Mechanisms in Hematology, 3rd Edition

Posted By: hotspot
The book is divided into 31 chapters each of which can be read as a standalone section. The text is clear and is printed in a fairly large font size (which should help the more myopic senior hematologists). The book is not lavishly illustrated but there is certainly an adequate number of images which are very well drawn and complement the text nicely. The diagrams would also be very useful for teaching, and no doubt the CD-ROM allows the images to be imported into PowerPoint (although my review copy did not have the CD-ROM included). Each chapter has the feeling of a succinct lecture which provides all the necessary information to allow the reader to progress and to understand more complex hematology texts.

The authors are aiming this book at the senior student and trainee hematologist, as well as those of us involved in teaching. I think their approach is novel and ambitious and will suit the intended market. The problem, of course, is that there are several other student hematology texts around, some of which are extremely good, and this book faces fierce competition. Possibly their strong emphasis on basic science may make this volume popular with students; I would presume it has already found a niche in the US since this is the third edition since the initial publication in 1996.

Overall, I like this style of book and I admire the way the authors have shed the traditional style of student book writing and have focused on what matters, that is, the science behind the medicine. On a personal note, I am optimistic that this book will help liven up my own teaching material.