Medical Molecular Biology & Genetics

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Medical Molecular Biology & Genetics

These are some wounderful lectures on medical Medical Molecular Biology & Genetics by Prof. Robert A. Weinberg
Prof. Eric Lander, Dr. Claudette Gardel. Professor Eric Lander is Director of the Broad Institute at MIT and a principal leader of the Human Genome Project and Professor Robert A. Weinberg, winner of the 1997 National Medal of Science.

These lectures will sure clear your concepts about the meticulous field of molecular biology and you guys will love the precise simplicity with which Dr. Eric Lander presents them. You can see the streaming videos or download the mp3 audio files.

I dedicate these lectures to soldier22022 for making effort and bringing some nice medical content to AvaxHome and I encourage other Doctors and medical students to share their collections and searches on this site. Remember, i always say, if you share something you will get good shares in return.I also want to suggest here that a good sit to upload your content will be on because it allows resume and download manager. However its upto you, its just a suggestion.
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