Megapost Solidworks 2006: Official training manuals (PDF) + Project files

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Megapost Solidworks 2006: Official  training manuals (PDF) + Project files

Megapost Solidworks 2006: Official training manuals (PDF) + Project files

SolidWorks uses a limited "parametric" approach to modeling and assembling. In the SolidWorks 3D modeling environment the creation of a solid or surface typically begins with the definition of topology in either a 2D or 3D sketch. The topology defines the connectivity and certain geometric relationships between vertices and curves both in the sketch and external to the sketch. To this topology are added dimensions which determine the lengths and sizes for the curves and locations for the vertices in conjunction with topological constraints. The dimensions which are added are termed "parameters" because they can be changed either independently or by "parameters" created prior to their creation. The dimensions are limited "parameters" because they cannot be varied by subsequent actions on the sketch in which they are defined. An example of this limitation is to create a simple rectangle in a 2D sketch, place dimensions on the sides of the rectangle and then to extrude the 2D sketch to form a parallel piped shape. The sketch dimensions cannot be varied based on the location of the 2D sketch (generatrix) along the extrusion length. SolidWorks would not allow the height "parameter" of the rectangle to vary with the square of the distance extruded. In other words the dimensions or "parameters" cannot be parameterized to "parameters" created in the subsequent hierarchy of features. Parameters are therefore fixed in the feature that contains them. SolidWorks is therefore hierarchical in the creation of features in that subsequent features should have no effect on prior features. To create volume and modifications, SolidWorks employs a feature-based system that can be rolled back to previous states in case something must be changed or multiple configurations of the same part must be handled. To assemble components, mates are created, which define the relative positions of the components to each other.

Solidworks 2006 official Engineering drawing training 91.83 MB

Solidworks 2006 official Advanced assembly modeling training 91.62 MB

Solidworks 2006 official Essential parts and assemblies trainig 55.66 MB

Solidworks 2006 official File management training 61.51 MB

Solidworks 2006 official Advanced part modeling training 75.01 MB


Solidworks 2006 official Sheet metal and weldments training 19.05 MB

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