Men's Health Total Body Workout Poster Book

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Men's Health Total Body Workout Poster Book

Men's Health Total Body Workout Poster Book
English | 157954861X | 2004 | PDF |1.2MB |24 Pages

Sick of looking at the blank walls of your gym? Frustrated by not having a complete view of your workout? Annoyed by those tiny pictures in workout books? The solution is at hand.

The Men's Health Total Body Workout Poster Book gives your workout a boost with 24 full-color posters to take you from flab to firm. Eachpullout poster features a complete strength-training routine from the fitness experts at Men's Health-the source most guys turn to for fitness advice. By following the order of the posters, you can do the hard-core work you need to and have a 20-minute workout whenever you're pressed for time. Just tear out the posters, unfold to their full 20" 3 1412" size, and tack them up on your walls. -Great routines for both beginners and advanced exercisers -Easy-to-read-and-understand full-size format -Fully illustrated and expertly described routines -Expert advice for getting lean, getting ripped, and even getting healthier -24 full-color posters printed on high-quality coated paper for durability

Inside, you'll find:

• Super-effective total-body muscle-building routines for both beginner and advanced exercisers
• A total-body fat-loss workout to take inches off your waist in just 4 weeks
• Turn on the Power!, a 6-month program to add hundreds of pounds to your bench press, squat, and deadlift
• Six 20-minute workouts showing you how to pump up, lean out, or even fix a bad back in less time than it takes to watch your favorite sitcom
• An all-ab workout featuring eight unique exercises we bet you've never tried
• Our Total-Body Workout series, with 10 posters full of fresh, innovative exercises to add solid muscle to your chest, back, shoulders, and biceps