Michael Bass - "Handbook of Optics. Vol. I-II" (2nd edition)

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Michael Bass, "Handbook of Optics. Vol. I-II" (2nd edition)
McGraw-Hill | ISBN 007047740X / 0070479747
1994 Year | PDF | 32,7 Mb | 1664 / 1568 Pages

In Volume I features discussion of: Fundamental optics principles, including geometric, physical, and quantum optics; Optical sources (such as light emitting diodes and lasers) and detectors (including energy, waveform, and imaging detection techniques); Detection and processing by human vision; Information and image processing; Design and fabrication, including optical layout techniques and lens design programs; Optical thin film coatings; Terrestrial coatings.

In Volume II, readers will find coverage of: Elements, from the traditional to more recently developed components such as integrated, micro, binary, gradient index, fiber, and x-ray optics; Instruments, from cameras to optical scanners to FLIR systemsl Measurements, including both the theory and the methodology; Optical and physical properties of material.

(!) P.S. I don't have Vol.III-IV