The Men of the Mighty Eighth -The US Eighth Air Force 1942-45

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Christopher J. Anderson, "The Men of the Mighty Eighth -The US Eighth Air Force 1942-45", Greenhill Books | ISBN 1-85367-453-2 | 2001 Year | PDF | ~19 Mb | 72 Pages

The Mighty Eighth were a key part of Allied attempts to bomb Hitler's Germany into submission and were at the forefront of the war against the Third Reich. Their reputation for bravery and tenacity was won in countless daylight raids over the skies of occupied Europe and in the savage character of World War II airfighting. Christopher Anderson, drawing on images from private collections and rare archives, now presents an exciting pictorial history of the unit and an important study on the uniforms and equipment of this elite formation.

The Men of the Mighty Eighth includes more than 100 rare and unusual photographs, accompanied by detailed and informative captions on the men, uniforms, equipment and insignia of the 8th Air Force.