John Milsom, "Field Geophysics"

Posted By: Alexpal

John Milsom, "Field Geophysics" (3rd edition)
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN 0470843470 | 2003 Year | PDF | 2,57 Mb | 244 Pages

"...a valuable addition...recommend it to all those involved...a mine of readily accessible information..."
(Archaeological Prospection, Vol 11(2), April-June 2004)

“…well produced…”
(The Leading Edge, Vol.23, No.8 August 2004)

This book is a chance to update new advances, technics, and methods in geophysics. I rather think this is focused for professionals (on Geology or Geophysics) who have been dealing with a specific area for some years and need to know about the state of the art on Geophysical methods. New developments in GPR, Gravimetry, Magnetometry, Seismic and Electrical exploration is a pretty good chance to take an updated overview on Geophysics.
I recommend such issue as an overview of modern Geophysics, it is not necessary to get involved in hard math develops to understand the goal of the book.