Mission-Critical Security Planner: When Hackers Won't Take No for an Answer

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Mission-Critical Security Planner: When Hackers Won't Take No for an Answer

320 pages
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (January, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN: 0471211656
Format: PDF
Archive: RAR
Size: 1.46 MB

All the worksheets and templates you need to create a complete customized security plan that works for your business.

Let’s face it: Security is a business problem, not just a technical challenge. Whether hackers simply want to test their skills or steal your data, they can–and will–do incalculable damage to your company. You need a solid plan. The good news is that Eric Greenberg has done most of the planning work for you.
This isn’t just an "I told you so" book. You get hands-on involvement from the start. You’ll see your own customized security plan template begin to take shape as you complete the accompanying worksheets. Choose any one of the security plans outlined in this book, and you will be able to protect your data and deter hackers. And by implementing the proven strategies Greenberg details, you can secure your company’s competitive edge for the long term.

Backed up by solid business planning methods collected from years of experience, Greenberg:

* Steps you through a complete customized security improvement plan
* Provides worksheets at every stage that you can use to create a comprehensive and meaningful security plan
* Introduces practical risk management techniques to intelligently assess and manage the network security risks and costs facing your organization

The book’s companion Web site contains the security planning template and all the worksheets in downloadable Microsoft Word format as well as additional resources to ensure that you have exactly what you need to protect your company.