Mobile Commerce Application Development

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Mobile Commerce Application Development|By ei-da Chen, Gordon W. Skelton|Published by CyberTech Publishing 06/2005|ISBN1-59140-602-1|
List Price: $39.95|Paperback|319 pages|Ebook|PDF|335 pages|

As wireless and mobile technologies become more and more prevalent in businesses and our daily lives, organizations are starting to heavily invest in developing infrastructure and applications for mobile commerce. Wireless technologies allow users to overcome spatial and temporal constraints when communicating, computing, and conducting business transactions. Mobile Commerce Application Development provides in-depth coverage of the various tools and techniques for developing wireless and mobile applications. The coverage offers readers a working knowledge of the technologies that can be readily applied in their work. Mobile Commerce Application Development serves as an excellent instructional or self-teaching resource by providing clear learning objectives, step-by-step instructions, illustrations, real-world cases, and end-of-chapter exercises and projects.

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