Mobile Virtual Work: A New Paradigm?

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Mobile Virtual Work: A New Paradigm?

Title: Mobile Virtual Work: A New Paradigm?
Author: J.H. Erik Andriessen, Matti Vartiainen
ISBN: 3540283641
Publisher: Springer
Book Binding: Hardcover
Price: $119.00
Category: Business & Economics
Edition: 1 edition (October 25, 2005)
Format: PDF
Pages: 392 pages
Size: 15.06 MB
Summary: This is a book about mobile virtual work. The objective is to contribute to the understanding and the improvement of an emerging new kind of work arrangement, i.e. mobile virtual work (MVW). Until now no systematic in-depth studies of this phenomenon have been available. The book has grown from several workshops that brought together experts from a wide range of areas. Through their cooperation a state of the art overview could be constructed of areas and aspects related to MVW: from ergonomic requirements to diffusion of mobile work systems, from implications for distributed cooperation to knowledge management for mobile employees. The book is not primarily about technologies and tools, although many mobile systems will play a role in the studies presented. Its special merit is that it contains many concrete case studies. That means that MVW is described and analysed with an eye both on theoreticians and practitioners.