. Michael Hollas, "Modern Spectroscopy" (4th Edition)

Posted By: Alexpal

J. Michael Hollas, "Modern Spectroscopy" (4th Edition)
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN 0470844167 | 2004 Year | PDF | 2,5 Mb | 480 Pages

"Two valuable features for both students and instructors are a strong final chapter on Lasers and Laser Spectroscopy, and a set of 17 worked examples…" (Journal of Chemical Education, January 2005)
"…this text is well written and the descriptions relating theory to phenomena are clear and well constructed. The book achieves its goal as a well-rounded textbook." (Applied Spectroscopy, August 2004)

Even if beginning with only an introductory understanding of quantum mechanics, this excellent book will allow you to understand most major branches of spectroscopy. The chapters are organized to include reasonable amounts of both theory and show real spectra to help use the theory in the context of real research. One of the earlier chapters includes a review/primer on group theory and the remaining chapters can be understood with the group theory presented in that chapter. This book is therefore suitable as a text and is also very usefull as a reference.