Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology

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Crocker J., Murray P.G. "Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology"
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN 0470844752 | 2003 Year | PDF | 4,04 Mb | 400 Pages

Molecular biology has had a major impact on the practice of pathology in recent years and this continues with the new approaches being developed in genomics and proteomics. Knowledge of the molecular organization of the cell has led to the development of powerful new techniques which bring greater accuracy and objectivity to the diagnosis, prognosis and management of many diseases, and to the study of pathological states. This book is a completely revised and updated version of the popular Molecular Biology in Histopathology, with added material covering the latest methodologies and now featuring colour plates. It describes the molecular techniques available and provides an overview of how they can be applied.

It is aimed at histopathologists in training, clinicians and biologists studying for post-graduate qualifications and will also be of interest to biochemists, physiologists, pharmacologists and biotechnologists, in academia, clinical medicine and industry.