Monad : Introducing the MSH Command Shell and Language

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Book Description

Monad, available for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, is the future of Windows administration. From setting up automated build environments to managing 200 desktops in an organization, anything that reduces the number of repetitive management steps is a real win. This is the promise of Monad, the powerful new command shell and language from Microsoft that simplifies Windows system management. Known more formally as MSH, Monad offers many innovative features in the field of system administration and management-all designed to save you time and aggravation, and to replace a host of Windows management tools with a single, unified shell.

Built on the .NET Framework, Monad provides a powerful infrastructure for the automation of a wide range of administrative tasks. And there is no better way to master these automated offerings than with Monad. The book is an exciting tour of some of the new capabilities that Monad puts into the hands of system administrators and power users, and is the perfect complement to existing Monad documentation.

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