MP3: The Definitive Guide

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MP3: The Definitive Guide

First Edition March 2000 | ISBN: 1-56592-661-7 | pdf | 400 pages | 3.2 MB

MP3: The Definitive Guide introduces the power-user to just about all aspects of MP3 technology. It delves into detail on obtaining, recording, and optimizing MP3 files using both commercial, and Open Source methods. Coverage is complete for four platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux and BeOS. In depth chapters describe all aspects of the MP3 experience from distributing, streaming, broadcasting, converting and playing to archiving your collection.

Readers will learn how to test their equipment, optimize their encoding times, evaluate their playback options, control and organize a collection, even burn their own CD's or distribute their own music to a massive worldwide audience over the Internet. In addition, the author fills readers in on the complex legal issues surrounding MP3 files. Everything you need to know to enjoy MP3 today and tomorrow is contained in this single volume. MP3 is here to stay, and the applications for this versatile compression format are expanding exponentially along with its user base. MP3: The Definitive Guide should appeal to a broad audience of users, from the those just getting into this exciting new technology, to those who want to fully immerse themselves in the complexities and possibilities that MP3 presents.
Content :
1. The Nuts and Bolts of MP3
2. How MP3 Works: Inside the Codec
3. Getting and Playing MP3 Files
4. Playlists, Tags, and Skins: MP3 Options
5. Ripping and Encoding: Creating MP3 Files
6. Hardware, Portables, Home Stereos, and Kits
7. The Not-So-Fine-Print: Legal Bits and Pieces
8. Webcasting and Servers: Internet Distribution

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