MRI from A to Z: A Definitive Guide for Medical Professionals

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'This work is more than a simple compendium. Its reading is pleasant. it casts light on both the meanings of words and the basics of MRI. I personally found it very inventive as it will contribute to clarify difficult concepts and to make easier the dialogue between each link of the MRI chain. I would clearly recommend the purchase of this book to anyone who wants to know hat he is dealing with when ordering, acquiring, interpreting MRI images or MRI spectrometry. Moreover, it will be invaluable reading it for each single individual of the MRI manufacturers' staffs.' Pediatric Radiology
'All medical libraries will … be likely to have readers for whom this book would be a valuable item of stock, for use over the next few years.' Reference Reviews
'I clearly recommend the purchase of this book to anyone who wants to know what he is dealing with when requesting, acquiring, or interpreting MRI images or MR spectrometry … Excellent.' Pediatric Radiology

Book Description
From 'AB systems' to 'Zipper artefact' - even for the experienced practitioner in MRI, the plethora of technical terms and acronyms can be daunting and bewildering. This concise but comprehensive guide provides an effective and practical introduction to the full range of this terminology. It will be an invaluable source of reference for all students, trainees and medical professionals working with MRI. More than 800 terms commonly encountered in MR Imaging and Spectroscopy are clearly defined, explained and cross-referenced. Illustrations are used to enhance and explain many of the definitions, and references to further reading will point the reader to more in-depth coverage. As well as being a compendium of terms from A to Z, the volume concludes with a useful collection of appendices, which tabulate many of the key constants, properties and equations of relevance