Mastering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

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Mastering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

Michael Jang, «Mastering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3»
Sybex (2005) | ISBN 0782143474 | PDF | 975 Pages | 15,5 Mb
Your Complete Guide to the World's Leading Linux Enterprise Distribution


* Installing Linux on a standalone system, over a network, and automatically on multiple computers
* Navigating the command line interface
* Administering users and groups securely
* Managing packages with the RPM GUI tool
* Configuring and troubleshooting the boot process
* Upgrading and recompiling kernels
* Backing up your system with RAID
* Understanding basic TCP/IP networking
* Managing Linux on your LAN
* Securing Linux firewalls
* Ensuring secure remote access
* Installing, configuring, and testing DNS, DHCP, CUPS, sendmail and Postfix mail servers
* Configuring and troubleshooting FTP, NFS, Samba, Apache, TUX, and Squid
* Effectively using Linux authentication services–NIS and LDAP
* Using Red Hat GUI administrative tools appropriately
* Setting up MySQL for databases
* Managing X servers and X clients
* Working with GNOME and KDE

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