Medical Treatment of Intoxications and Decontamination of Chemical Agents in the Area of Terrorist Attack

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Medical Treatment of Intoxications and Decontamination of Chemical Agents in the Area of Terrorist Attack

Medical Treatment of Intoxications and Decontamination of Chemical Agents in the Area of Terrorist Attack
(NATO Security through Science Series / NATO … Science Series A: Chemistry and Biology)
Author: by Christophor Dishovsky (Editor), Alexander Pivovarov (Editor), Hendrik Benschop (Editor)
ISBN: 1402041683
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (February 28, 2006)
Format: PDF - 233 pages
Price: $129.00

Book Description
The use of sarin in the terrorist acts in Matsumoto city and Tokyo underground was considered by a number of specialists as a new era in terrorism. In addition to chemical weapons, terrorists can use a great variety of toxic chemicals from chemical industry, agriculture or products released from terrorist acts on industrial facilities. Evidently, the arsenal of chemical agents that can be used as terrorist agents is practically unlimited. The risk of exposure to chemical agents which could be used in terrorist acts is real. Therefore, the readiness for defense in a case of chemical terrorism should be enhanced. Decontamination and medical treatment are important aspects of protection from effects after intoxications with chemical agents. This book includes reports which were presented at a NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) entitled "Medical Treatment of Intoxications and Decontamination of Chemical Agent in the Area of Terrorist Attack". This workshop was held on 25-28 January 2005 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The contributors were experts acquainted with the main problems connected with chemical terrorism. The primary focus of this workshop was determination (assessment?) of scientific concepts and practical means for management of chemical agent casualties in case of a terrorist attack, with emphasis on improvement of medical treatment and decontamination. The main aspects of the book are: - New approaches in pre-treatment and prophylaxis of nerve agent intoxication - Diagnosis of exposure to chemical agents - Therapy of chemical agent intoxication - Development of personal decontamination

Table of Contents
CoverContentsPrefaceAcknowledgementsKey SpeakersOther Participants and ObserversPart 1 CURRENT PROBLEMS OF CHEMICAL TERRORISMChapter 1 Problems of Chemical Terrorism and Ways of Its OvercomingChapter 2 Toxic Chemicals and Radioactive Substances as Reason of Occurrence of Acute Poisoning in UkraineChapter 3 Biomonitoring of Exposure to Chemical Warfare AgentsChapter 4 Non-ruled Market Economy as a Source of Chemical Terrorism. Automotive Fuel: Quality and Environmental SafetyChapter 5 Role of the Chemical Weapons Convention in Combating Chemical TerrorismChapter 6 Chemical Incident Simulator: A New Approach for Deriving Passive Defence RequirementsChapter 7 OPCW Concept of Assistance Under Article XChapter 8 Environmentally Hazardous Projects in Ukraine as Attractive Targets for Terrorist ActsChapter 9 Dioxins: Threat of Misuse in Possible Acts of Chemical TerrorismPart 2 DIAGNOSIS OF EXPOSURE TO CHEMICAL AGENTS AND MEDICAL TREATMENT OF CHEMICAL AGENT INTOXICATIONChapter 10 Epidemiology of Chemical Crisis, Public Health Impact, Specific Medical Countermeasures and EducationChapter 11 Modern Approaches to Medical Treatment of Poisoning Caused by Neuroparalitics Anticholinesterase CompoundsChapter 12 Certain Problems of Rendering Medical Assistance Under Acts of Chemical TerrorismChapter 13 Efficacy of Pretreatment and Treatment Against Soman IntoxicationChapter 14 Biomedical Sampling Following a Chemical Warfare Agent Terrorist Event – An OPCW PerspectiveChapter 15 Particularities in Research, Production and Acquisition of the Pharmaceutical Products for NBC Medical ProtectionChapter 16 Toxicokinetics in Helping of Diagnoses and Treatment of Chemical PoisoningPart 3 DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONAL DECONTAMINATION IN CASE OF INTOXICATION WITH CHEMICAL AGENTChapter 17 Aspects of Decontamination in Case of Release of Toxic Substances or Use of Chemical Warfare AgentChapter 18 Personal Decontamination in Cases of Chemical Terrorist AttacksChapter 19 Harmful Chemical-Industry Incidents Effects Prognosis System of the Territorial Center for Emergency Medicine: Supply of Information and Analysis DataChapter 20 Purification of Drinking Water From [sup(134, 137)]Cs, [sup(89, 90)]Sr, [sup(60)]Co and [sup(129)]IChapter 21 Research of Decontamination Efficiency of Contaminated Camouflage Clothing with Applied Methods and Means in the Republic of BulgariaChapter 22 Alleviation of Toxic Impact of Chemical Agents on Human OrganismChapter 23 Using of Cold Plasma for Purification of Chemically Polluted Water in Extreme PeriodChapter 24 The Role of Clinical Toxicology in Minimizing Adverse Health Effects Related to Chemical DisastersChapter 25 Prevention of Gas Seeping into Buildings Through Constructive MaterialsChapter 26 Biological Method for the Water, Food, Fodders and Environment Toxic Chemical Materials Contamination IndicationIndex

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