Udemy – Rapid 3D design and printing for personal use

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Udemy – Rapid 3D design and printing for personal use

Udemy – Rapid 3D design and printing for personal use
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Learn how to design and make 3D objects that exactly fit your personal needs . Personalize or repair your 3D objects.

Become a maker of your own 3D objects ready for personal use and benefit.

Learn the practical steps to create 3D designs and 3D print objects ready for use.

Imagine what you can make
Measure & sketch how you can make
3D design your sketch in 123D Design
Prepare your 3D design for 3D print
Get your design 3D printed

Get skilled in the current 3D innovation wave

By learning the practical steps to 3D design and 3D print and creating instant and useable results you take your first step on the 3D innovation wave.

The next decade the 3D innovation wave will provide job opportunities in 3D stores, 3D designing, small scale custom made manufacturing, and yet to be started new services in customized and personalized object making.

Content and overview

Suitable for beginning designers and makers this course provides 10 lectures and over 30 minutes of content. You will learn the steps it takes to get from an idea of a usable object to a printed 3D object. You will get inspired by hands on video tutorials and master step by step how to become a maker yourself. You can directly make your own sketches, designs and prints and (re) use downloadable examples.

Included practical design examples are: personalized objects like boxes and cups, copies of existing objects like toys and household utensils, replacements of broken objects like handles and

The section on 3D design will reveal all secrets on rapid 3D design with Autodesk 123D design. Autodesk 123D design is made by Autodesk, a world leading manufacturer of 3D design software for professional designers. Autodesk 123D design is a low entry 3D design software version aimed at personal makers. You can import 123D design in professional fusion 360 software.

The sections on 3D print and preparing to print provide dozens of 3D printing tips. After completing these sections you will understand how to get the best 3D print results through solid print preparation. You will also be able to modify a design to get better print results.

What are you going to get form this course?

Over 10 lectures and 30 minutes of content
Additional lectures and content are soon to be published
Learn essentials steps to become a 3D object maker
Learning rapid 3D design using 123D design software
Visual practical training method
Downloadable and reusable exemple 3D designs
Practical tips and tricks when using an online 3D printing hub
Suitable for beginners in 3D design and 3D printing

What are the requirements?

download and install 123D design software. We will cover this in Section 4, Lecture 9 of this course.
a classic ruler to measure objects

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 10 lectures and 38 mins of content!
follow the fatest path from idea to usable personal objects
choose the easiest tool to design your own things
develop basic skills to design in 123D design and create ready to use objects
get inspired by practical examples of self made objects that serve your personal needs

What is the target audience?

this course on 3D design and 3D printing is for beginners
no prior 3D design or 3D printing knowledge is needed
this course is probably less suitable if you are an experienced or professional 3D designer

Udemy – Rapid 3D design and printing for personal use