Find Your Creative Freedom

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Find Your Creative Freedom

Find Your Creative Freedom
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Develop a Regular Creative Habit - Release Your Inner Creative!

Want to be more CREATIVE?

Don't know how or where to start?

Join in Find Your Creative Freedom to get started!

Easy prompts and tips to loosen

your creative muscles and

let your inner creative have some fun!

Who is this for?

writers, doodlers, artists, photographer, pianists, players, knitters, potters, anyone who wants to CREATE
maybe you used to do these things but something made you stop
time, family, commitments, it seemed 'silly' to want to do those things?
but now, you feel too - old, rusty, silly, wonder what will people say, and what if you can't do it anymore?
So, your piano stands untuned, your sketchbook unfilled, your notebooks abandoned, your dreams dormant
but every now and then, a little part of you whispers, 'why not', and you have a go
and that makes you feel….excited, better, happier, more you.
you want to meet others who feel the same
you want to stop being a 'cramped creative'
and be truly YOU!
With just a few minutes a day you can start to build your creative habit.

4 weeks of fun, small, easy to do prompts to spark your inner creative into life.

5-20 minutes a day.

At the end of the 4 weeks I want you to have a regular creative habit that you can build on

Learn tips on how to silence that inner critic and listen to your inner creative

It's time to grind that Gremlin, grab the permission slip, and (re)discover your creative self!

This course is aimed at helping you START!

Start small, start silly….START!

Once you do, you will find yourself looking for that time, craving your creativity, changing your priorities, sharing your passion.

I'm Jennifer and I literally wrote the book on 'Freeing Your Creativity'.

In my old life as an IT Analyst, when I was a 'cramped creative', I dreamed of writing a book. Now, I have and people have found it has inspired them to create more.

Find Your Creative Freedom