Udemy – Photoshop: 5 Practical Techniques to Improve Your Skills

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Udemy – Photoshop: 5 Practical Techniques to Improve Your Skills

Udemy – Photoshop: 5 Practical Techniques to Improve Your Skills
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Improve your Photoshop workflow : Go from haphazard guesswork to confident use of professional methods.

Are you a student or design hobbyist who knows the bare basics of Photoshop, but wants to bring their work up a notch? Or, have you taken a class in Photoshop, but now need a little extra boost to feel comfortable taking on clients?

This is the course for you. Use my techniques to take on clients and turn a profit!

Photoshop is the world's most popular and powerful image editor. Don't let your skills get rusty! Make the most of the software with tried and true methods.

Quickly change your game using the five methods I will teach you.

Retouch and fix blotchy skin without it looking "Photoshopped" fake
Refine complicated edges (like hair) with the Refine Edge tool
Create unique texture by subtracting an image's RGB channels
Sort, filter, tag, group, link, and organize layers
Record a custom action and apply it to an unlimited number of photos
Bring your work to the next level today.

This course can take you there. It will put a bag of design tricks in your pocket, useful both for amateurs with a hobby and freelancers seeking clients.

Each of the tutorials is in depth, and the relatively short course length is designed to give you the quick boost you need, without spending inordinate amounts of time exploring every option in the interface.

What are the requirements?

You should have Photoshop (preferably CS5 or later) and have at least a rudimentary understanding of the interface.
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 5 lectures and 42 mins of content!
Manipulate, sort, filter and professionally organize layers
Mask out hair and other difficult objects with Refine Edge
Retouch faces effectively without creating an unrealistically smooth "Photoshopped look"
Record an action and apply that action automatically to an unlimited number of photos
Create interesting texture on logos and other shapes using Channels
What is the target audience?

New designers who want to learn advanced practical techniques to impress clients
Amateurs looking to improve their skills to the professional level
Photographers who want to apply effects quickly to all of their images
Anyone who has basic understanding of the Photoshop interface

Udemy – Photoshop: 5 Practical Techniques to Improve Your Skills