DSLR Manual Camera Confidence Workshop for Enthusiasts [repost]

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DSLR Manual Camera Confidence Workshop for Enthusiasts [repost]

dSLR Manual Camera Confidence Workshop for Enthusiasts
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Be confident with your manual camera using a reliable 7 step system, every time you shoot.

Have you bought a new digital SLR camera, become overwhelmed by all the buttons, switched to auto, then felt frustrated when your pictures weren't working? You wouldn't buy a manual car and then try to drive it in auto, so why do that with your manual dSLR camera?

The truth about digital photography

… is that the left-brained, techie stuff is the boring part - there! I said it!

You have to get your head around that part first, in isolation, before you can get onto the fun part - the creative stuff!

The Camera Confidence Workshop puts the horse before the cart.

Peter Eastway:

Editor Better Photography Magazine
AIPP Grand Master of Photography
Fellow & Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Fellow & Honorary Fellow of New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography

says: 'Highly recommended.'

'I've had a quick run through Beth's course and think it's a great starting point for people wanting to understand their cameras better. Sometimes at my workshops, I meet people who take great photos but don't really know how it all happened. Beth's course will provide the essential building blocks you need so that you don't take the occasional winner, but lots of them! Highly recommended.'


The 'On Manual Camera Guide' is the bedrock so make sure you have a copy on hand when you undertake the workshop.

What's covered?

We begin with understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.
How to control them independently on your camera.
How to get them working well together in manual mode using the Metering Scale.
How to check for errors and make corrections with your Histogram.

Yalcin says: 'Excellent class format'

'Fantastic work Beth. I love the "one-on-one" class format you've created. I feel like I'm there with you, working through the basics of using my camera in the dreaded "M" mode. Watching your examples and seeing you configure the settings is great. This is like watching Jamie Oliver. Beautifully crafted workshop. This is fantastic for anyone curious about using their camera in manual mode and forming the foundation for future skills. Both Nikon and Canon cameras are used in the course' :-)

Altogether, it becomes your 7 Step Shoot Flow - a reliable system you can confidently follow to set up your camera correctly, every time you shoot.

The format

The workshop ran face to face for five years and was delivered in a relaxed, fun and conversational style, with a focus on simplicity and just the buttons you actually need. A one-on-one workshop was videoed with Jules, an enthusiast photographer, following the exact same format. I am thrilled to be able to share the Camera Confidence Workshop with you here on Udemy.

Who's it for? If you …

have a digital SLR camera (or mirrorless) that has full manual mode
would like to get your head around manual shooting
want a reliable system to follow, every time you shoot

Julie says: 'Very well prepared and presented'

'Beth's explanations are easy to follow and understand, I learnt a lot about how to get more out of my camera.'

No prior photography knowledge is required. The workshop is designed for brand new beginners and is very helpful for enthusiasts who are currently struggling to get great photos with semi or auto modes.

When learning digital photography I believe:

You should be in control of your camera, not the other way around.
Confidence improves provided the foundation is built correctly.
The focus should just be on the buttons you actually need.
Practice, patience and perseverance makes perfect.
It's not about the gear, man!

In a couple of hours, you'll have the fundamentals sorted. Just like learning to drive a manual car, (meaning, so long as you practice afterwards), you'll be well on your way to confidently capturing your life in beautiful photos with your camera in full manual mode.

the initial low price will increase - so grab it now while it's set at the lower launch price
you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever
there's an unconditional, no questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee
Let's get you started on the path to confidently operating your camera in full manual mode so you can capture the moments that matter most to you in your life with beautiful photos!

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What are the requirements?

Have your camera's manual on-hand so you can look up how to locate certain buttons and settings on your specific camera.
Download a free copy of the 'On Manual Camera Guide as it forms the bedrock for this workshop.
Before you start the workshop, see if you can identify the buttons on your camera as outlined in the Guide.
Be ready with your copy of the Guide, your camera's manual, a notebook, pen and your camera with charged battery and empty memory card.
Hit 'pause' as often as you need to so you have time to locate the buttons in real time, alongside Jules in the lessons.
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 23 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
Understand what ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed actually are.
Control them independently on your camera in manual mode.
Bring these three elements together using the Metering Scale.
Ensure your exposures are at their best and make adjustments with the Histogram.
Follow the 7 Step Shoot Flow system for setting up your camera correctly every time you shoot.
Confidently be in control of your camera in manual mode.
Finish with a clear direction for where to next in terms of practicing on your own.
What is the target audience?

Enthusiast photographers who would like to gain control of manual shooting with their dSLR or mirrorless cameras.
If you've tried other workshops and it didn't stick, or you need a refresher to remind you of how it all comes together.
This workshop isn't for people who expect it all to just work straight away. Cameras are mechanical devices that take time to understand and operate well.
DSLR Manual Camera Confidence Workshop for Enthusiasts [repost]