Brian Tracy - Negotiating Strategies and Tactics [AudioBook]

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Brian Tracy - Negotiating Strategies and Tactics [AudioBook]

Brian Tracy - Negotiating Strategies and Tactics
(The Effective Manager Seminar Series)
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Published: 2002

Negotiating is a daily function that impact effects everyone. You are negotiating for not only products, but the services of everyone around you.

Excellent negotiators save money for themselves as well as their company. Negotiating makes money! You must become a skilled negotiator to be successful in business.

Now you can uncover the answers to virtually every question you've ever has about sales and management. This comprehensive program packs thousands of profitable strategies into a one-hour session designed to help cut costs, increase sales and dramatically improve profits. Some of the things you will discover are how to guarantee you hire the best person for the job every time, 2 ways to brainstorm for breakthrough ideas, how to sell like a seasoned pro, 21 ways to get extraordinary performance from ordinary employees, how to hold brisk, precise, productive meetings and much, much more.

Your company may not have all the money in the world, but you can still have the best training in the world. With the rate of business failures today, it's important to start out with an effective business strategy. Brian Tracy will teach you all of the various components of an effective business strategy. Learn the same strategies that all successful business are built on.

A must for present and future business owners.
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