Daniel Minoli, «A Networking Approach to Grid Computing»

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Daniel Minoli, «A Networking Approach to Grid Computing»
Wiley-Interscience | ISBN 0471687561 | 2004 Year | PDF | 4,04 Mb | 400 Pages

Successfully migrate to a grid computing system Grid computing is a virtual distributed computing environment in which an organization can transparently integrate, streamline, and share dispersed groups of hosts, servers, storage systems, data, and networks into one synergistic system. Long used to solve large-scale problems in science and engineering, grid computing is now beginning to offer significant efficiencies and savings to the commercial world, including financial services operations. A Networking Approach to Grid Computing explores the practical advantages of grid computing and explains what is needed in order to migrate successfully to this new computing paradigm and exploit the business opportunities afforded by grid computing. This book offers the knowledge and skills needed to architect and deploy a grid computing environment that contributes directly to key business goals, including: The benefits of grid computing and the status of the technology Standards supporting grid computing including OGSI and OGSA Deployment and management of computing grids The economics of grid systems Communication systems for local, national, and global grids Familiarizing readers with the services, reference architectures, storage, and software necessary for successful implementation of a grid system, A Networking Approach to Grid Computing shows how to set up an organization's grid environment faster, easier, and at a lower cost than its competitors.