The Clinical Science of Neurologic Rehabilitation

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In this volume the author dissects fundamental concepts, current practices, and clinical trials to define what clinicians and researchers need to consider as they pursue best practice and areas ripe for exploration in the rehabilitation of patients with neurologic diseases. The First Edition was titled Neurologic Rehabilition . The title has been changed to reflect Dr. Dobkin's sense that fundamental research now drive the field even more than it could in 1996 when the First Edition was published. The Second Edition features entirely new chapters on functional neuroimaging of recovery,neurostimulators and neuroprostheses; integration into the book of many new clinical and neuroscientific observations relevant to the clinician; and extensive updating and expansion of all chapters. The book will be of value to all clinicians serving on the rehabilitation team, and to students and researchers in neuroscience, neurology, physical medicine, allied health, or bioengineering.

"…an essential introduction to the interfaces within restorative neurology…Dr. Dobkin should be saluted for his endeavour, which surely emphasizes the need for rehabilitation to be regarded as a neurological subspecialty." –Brain

"This is an excellent book and a major tour de force through the whole field of neurologic rehabilitation . . . a major achievement for a single author . . . The style is easy and the book is a pleasure to read . . . a landmark in the development of neurological rehabilitation . . . Bruce Dobkin should be congratulated." –M.P. Barnes in Clinical Neurophysiology

"Overall, the author does an excellent job of reviewing the literature regarding CFS and the immune system." –Physical Therapy

"Expect to spend a lot of time mulling over this volume" –Neurology