Nino Boccara - Modeling Complex Systems

Posted By: Alexpal
В книге описывается общая методология моделирования сложных систем. Приведены примеры из экологии, эпидемиологии, социологии, сейсмологии и экономики, а также математический аппарат для моделирования динамики подобных систем.

Nino Boccara, "Modeling Complex Systems (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics)"
Springer | ISBN 0387404627 | 2003 Year | PDF | 7,6 Mb | 397 Pages

This book explores the process of modeling complex systems in the widest sense of that term, drawing on examples from such diverse fields as ecology, epidemiology, sociology, seismology, as well as economics. It also provides the mathematical tools for studying the dynamics of these systems. Boccara takes a carefully inductive approach in defining what it means for a system to be "complex" (and at the same time addresses the equally elusive concept of emergent properties). This is the first text on the subject to draw comprehensive conclusions from such a wide range of analogous phenomena.