Neural Networks Analysis and Design

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Neural Networks Analysis and Design

Neural Networks Analysis and Design
12.0 Mb | PDF | RAR | 121 Pages | ISBN: 013489832X | Publisher: Prentice Hall; 1st edition (June 14, 1995)

Book Description
Thorough, compact, and self-contained, this explanation and analysis of a broad range of neural nets is conveniently structured so that readers can first gain a quick global understanding of neural nets – without the mathematics – and can then delve into mathematical specifics as necessary. The behavior of neural nets is first explained from an intuitive perspective; the formal analysis is then presented; and the practical implications of the formal analysis are stated separately. Analyzes the behavior of the six main types of neural networks – The Binary Perceptron, The Continuous Perceptron (Multi-Layer Perceptron), The Bidirectional Memories, The Hopfield Network (Associative Neural Nets), The Self-Organizing Neural Network of Kohonen, and the new Time Sequentional Neural Network. For technically-oriented individuals working with information retrieval, pattern recognition, speech recognition, signal processing, data classification.

Book Info
Discusses the three types of neural networks most commonly discussed in the literature-the Binary Perceptron, the Continuous Multi-layer Perceptron and the Self-Organizing Neural Network. DLC: Neural networks (Computer science)

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