Richard J. Nowakowski (Editor), Silvio Levy (Series Editor), "Games of No Chance"

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Richard J. Nowakowski (Editor), Silvio Levy (Series Editor), "Games of No Chance"
Cambridge University Press | ISBN 0521646529 | 1998 Year | DjVu | 2,96 Mb | 549 Pages

'No one interested in two-person combinatorial games should hesitate before acquiring this splendid book. Leading experts report on the latest research involving such classic board games as checkers, chess, and go. Other familiar games are analyzed in depth, and many exciting new games are introduced. Did you know that go moku, nine-men morris, and Sol Golomb's pentomino game are now solved? Did you know that computers are getting close to solving checkers? Fifty-two tantalizing unsolved problems are posed by Richard Guy, and Aviezri Fraenkel's bibliography lists 666 references! Games of No Chance is a great collection of elegant, entertaining papers - a book to put on the shelf alongside the classic two-volume Winning Ways by Elwyn Berlekamp, John Conway, and Richard Guy.' Martin Gardner
' A thoroughly edited volume, Combinatorial Game Theory at its best.' European Mathematical Society