Now We're Cooking - 43 Authors in Kitchen (Cookbook)

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Now We're Cooking - 43 Authors in Kitchen


Appetizers and Salads
· Welsh Pasties ~ A traditional miner's lunch
· Can't Get Enough Of It Shrimp Mousse ~ An elegant party dish
· Liver Pâté For That Special Guy in Your Life ~ An appetizer
· Simple Salad Dressing ~ Easy and fast
· Taco Salad ~ Loaded with goodness
· Golden Fruit Salad ~ A summer treat
· Cabbage Salad ~ An unusual variation
· Easy Crab Meat Appetizer ~ No one will guess the ingredients
· Salad Fit for Caesar ~ A twist on the well known Caesar salad
· Black Bean Salad ~ A cool meal for a hot summer evening

· My Mother's Calico Bean Soup ~ A flexible recipe for a blustery day
· Baked Garlic Soup ~ A hearty soup
· Terri's Corn & Sausage Chowder ~ A stick-to-your-ribs winter soup
· Turkey Soup ~ An "after the holidays" treat
· Turkey Soup ~ A hearty winter soup
· Out of this World Fruit Soup ~ For a summer meal
· Korhely Leves ~ Sauerkraut Soup

· Brunswick, Georgia Stew ~ A traditional Southern dish
· Pancet ~ A chicken and pasta dish from the Philippines
· Quick Hamburger Stew ~ A fast one-pot meal
· Old Fashioned Comfort Stew ~ A meal that will speak to a man's heart
· Sweet & Sour Pork ~ An Oriental favorite
· Mama's Southern Style Chicken & Dressing ~ Cornbread dressing with chicken
· Chicken Napoli ~ A perfect dish for a dinner for two
· The "Oh my God, you invited company and didn't tell me" Casserole
~ A quick one-dish meal
· "Summerland" Chili ~ A traditional chili
· Texas Red Chili ~ The staple of that state
· Ham and Potatoes Crockpot ~ A meal for a man
· French Canadian Meat Pie ~ A holiday tradition
· Easy Stuffed Peppers ~ A good make-ahead to keep in the freezer
· Chili Casserole ~ An easy family meal
· Taco Casserole ~ Flour tortillas layered with meat and sauce
· Venison Meatloaf ~ For the hunter in your family
· Carnatzlach ~ Rumanian meatballs
· Barbecue Venison ~ A one-pot meal

· Sushi for the Squeamish ~ Where East meets West
· Pirate Key Shrimp Creole ~ A spicy shrimp dish
· Starlight Shrimp ~ A shrimp dish for romance
· I'm Tired Tuna Casserole ~ We all feel that way sometimes
· Lemon Pepper Fish ~ A fast dinner
· Marie's "Killer" Tuna-Noodle Casserole ~ A family favorite
· Soy-Ginger Marinated Salmon ~ This dish is good for you
· Scalloped Oysters ~ A holiday treat

Eggs and Cheese
· No Crust Quiche ~ A recipe created for celiacs
· Deviled Eggs ~ A traditional recipe with a twist
· Grandma's Macaroni & Cheese ~ A meal in the oven
· Western Omelet ~ A traditional lunch favorite
· Easy Hearty Lasagna ~ A simple fare
· Cheese Potatoes ~ A simple Irish dish
· Crustless Quiche ~ The timeless favorite with a modern touch

Vegetables, Sides and Sauces
· Apple Mallow Yam Yums ~ A great accompaniment for your turkey dinner
· Yorkshire Pudding ~ A traditional English recipe
· PicNic Baked Beans ~ An easy, frugal and tasty dish
· Soomey's Sweet & Sour Meatballs ~ A sauce with an Oriental twist
· Western Sourdough Flapjacks ~ A pancake from the Old West
· Camper Stew ~ A vegetarian main course
· Baked Beans ~ A pioneer favorite
· Tomato Tart ~ A tasty way to use the harvest
· Vermont Style Baked Beans ~ With maple syrup, naturally
· Scrambled Pancakes ~ A fun meal for children or the young at heart
· Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch-or not ~ Use the bounty of your garden
· Red Lentils and Tomato Pasta Sauce ~ Vegetarian recipe
· Perfect Béchamel Sauce - every time ~ A useful tool for good cooking

Of course, you understand that these recipes aren't from some highly paid professional chef. They haven't been independently tested for uniformity, allergic sensitivity, or diabetic requirements. No dietitian has been consulted to see if any "allergy" or "diabetic" warnings should have been added to them. Professional chefs haven't tested these recipes, nor do they pretend to be professional quality, although the authors have done their very best to be accurate.

These recipes are the home-cooking family favorites we use everyday, presented just as they would be had you stopped by our homes and asked for the recipe. You may have to alter the preparation or cooking instructions to have each luscious recipe come out perfectly for you, due to variations in oven temperatures or altitude between your kitchen and ours. And, of course, you should always consult your own dietitian or physician if you are on a restricted diet.

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