OOoSwitch: 501 Things You Want to Know About Switching from Microsoft Office

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OOoSwitch: 501 Things You Want to Know About Switching from Microsoft Office

OOoSwitch: 501 Things You Wanted to Know About Switching to Open
ISBN: 1-930919-36-0 | Length: 310 Pages | Format: PDF | 8 Mb | Press date: August, 2003 is the leading Open Source Office suite of applications, incorporating a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation tool, a drawing tool, a formula builder, and a sophisticated programming language. With over a million users worldwide as of the summer of 2002, OOo is providing very real competition to Microsoft Office because of its robust feature set, low price (it can be downloaded from the Internet for free or can be purchased for the cost of the CDs), and lack of onerous licensing and registration requirements.

Small businesses, school systems, and home users are the obvious candidates for a set of office applications that provide the same functionality as Microsoft Office but without the cost or restrictions. However, larger businesses and governments worldwide hesitant to be dependent on a monopolistic single supplier of proprietary technology are investigating and converting to

Switching from one software package to another can be a frustrating experience. The user has spent untold hours becoming familiar with the features and functionality of one package, and while their head tells them that they have a learning curve ahead of them with a different package, their heart tells them that they should already know how to everything. Reconciling the head and the heart is the purpose of this book.

Microsoft Office users are converting to in droves, due to a wide difference in price, no onerous licensing or restrictive installation and activation requirements. However, they don't want to be bogged down, spending a lot of time learning how's functionality differs from Microsoft Office. They want to be able to accomplish what they can already do in Microsoft Office with their new office suite. OOoSwitch is aimed at providing this information to the new user in an easy to digest format, featuring hundreds of answers to those “How do I…” questions.