Opportunistic Infections: Treatment and Prophylaxis

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Opportunistic Infections: Treatment and Prophylaxis

Vassil St. Georgiev, «Opportunistic Infections: Treatment and Prophylaxis»
Humana Press | ISBN 1588290093 | December 2001 | PDF | 545 Pages | 3,69 Mb

…organizes the wealth of information found in the medical and scientific literature and illuminates those areas of drug development and treatment that, though still not well understood, are crucial to effective patient management, and infection prevention
This book is a comprehensive text on the prophylaxis and treatment of opportunistic infections in a fast growing population of immunocompromised hosts. To this end, the array of diseases covered includes not only opportunistic infections exclusively associated with immunocompromised patients but also infectious diseases which even though benign and self-resolving in immunocompetent hosts, have the potential of becoming serious illnesses in immunocompromised patients. These diseases may quickly develop into fulminant or disseminated illness characterized by high morbidity and mortality rates. Opportunistic Infections: Treatment and Prophylaxis is organized into four major parts covering bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal infections. In addition to well-known opportunistic pathogens, each part includes new and emerging species that may be either taxonomically related to a major disease-causing microorganism or microorganisms not until recently considered to be human pathogens. The information contained in this book will include widely accepted prophylactic and treatment regimens based on well-planned large-scale clinical trials, as well as reports from individual cases. To facilitate the quick and convenient access to this information, tables containing recommended prophylactic and therapeutic regimens are included, thus making this an essential resource for all physicians treating these infections.

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