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Смотрю, народ с успехом выкладывает книжечки по Оспрею. Думаю я не хуже и могу тоже поделиться. Предлагаю для просмотра (прочтения, сохранения на винте :) ) следующеи книжки Наполеоновской тематики.

Napoleon's Line Chasseurs
(Men-at-Arms 68)

The chasseurs, being the indigenous French light horse, can perhaps therefore be equated best with the infantry demi-brigades of this period, a half-trained, unprofessional, make-shift collection, making up with zeal what they lacked in experience, a qualification which in no way diminished the importance of their role within Napoleon's all-conquering army. Emir Bukhari's fine text examines the dress and equipment of Napoleon's line chasseurs, plus the histories of individual regiments in a volume containing a plethora of illustrations and diagrams including eight full page colour plates by popular artist Angus McBride, showing a variety of uniforms in admirable detail.

Объем - 18Мб

Napoleon's Hussars
(Men-at-Arms 76)

Napoleon's Hussars made their first real impact in 1806 with their astonishing pursuit of the Prussians over 1,160km from the river Saale to the Oder in twenty-five days. They then capped this feat on arrival when, by dint of audacious demonstrations by the 500 men of the combined 5th and 7th Hussars, the 6,000-strong Prussian garrison was bluffed into capitulating its fortress at Stettin along with 160 cannon. This splendid volume by Emir Bukhari describes the organisation, war records, dress and equipment of these most colourful of Napoleon's troops.

Объем - 17Мб

Napoleon's Cuirassiers and Carabiniers
(Men-at-Arms 64)

Owing to the heavy casualties suffered by the carabiniers in the 1809 campaign, the Emperor decreed that they should be armoured to the same advantage as the cuirassiers. In this way the two corps drew together in being the only troops of the Grande Armee who were armoured, while at the same time they diverged in breaking away from their traditionally similar dress. Emir Bukhari does a splendid job of examining the uniforms and equipment of Napoleon's cuirassiers and carabiniers, in a text complemented throughout by numerous illustrations and diagrams including eight full page colour plates by the ever popular Angus McBride.

Объем - 18Мб

ПыСы: а вообще-то эти же книги я выкладывал на Нетз.Ру и Бронарм.Ру. Думаю, что там Вы найдете тоже много полезного