Optimization of Chemical Processes

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Optimization of Chemical Processes | English | PDF | 15.3M

Optimization of Chemical Processes
Thomas F. Edgar, David M. Himmelblau and Leon S. Lasdon
McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
2nd. Edition, 2001
672 pages
ISBN: 0070393591

Written by a recognized authority in the area of optimization software, this text offers an array of information on the latest advances in optimization techniques, explaining both theory and practice. Specializes in non-linear programming, mixed-integer programming, and global optimization. Ample references explore theoretical concepts in more detail.

While the idea of optimizing a chemical process or unit operation can be a little intimidating, this great reference on the topic can ease you pain considerably. Written by men who know the topic, well illustrated, and organized in a manner that makes sense. The book is divided into the following main sections:

Problem Formulation
Optimization Theory and Methods
Applications of Optimization

Each section above is broken out into many subsections

Layout: Packed full of graphics, charts, tables, and examples, this book's cover would not lead you to believe that this book would be visually pleasing. Rest assured, the content really facilitates the learning of the concepts.

Highs: Well written, authoritative, and best of all it includes real applications tied into the teaching of the principles at every corner.

Lows: Unavoidably, you may need to have you old math text handy when reviewing the concepts. A brief refresher on some of the more common differential calculas techniques would have made sense.

Overall: If there's a better book on the topic, we have not seen it. This book hits the nail on the head and could be of great use to every chemical engineer in charge of a process or developing one of their own.