Oreilly: Eclipse - A Java Developer Guide

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Oreilly: Eclipse - A Java Developer Guide

Eclipse - A Java Developer Guide
Publisher : O'Reilly | ISBN: 0-596-00641-1 | Pages : 334 | Size :7 MB

O'Reilly's new guide to the technology, Eclipse, provides exactly what you're looking for: a fast-track approach to mastery of Eclipse. This insightful, hands-on book delivers clear and concise coverage, with no fluff, that gets down to business immediately. The book is tightly focused, covering all aspects of Eclipse: the menus, preferences, views, perspectives, editors, team and debugging techniques, and how they're used every day by thousands of developers. Development of practical skills is emphasized with dozens of examples presented throughout the book.

Welcome to Eclipse, today's premiere Java™ Integrated development environment (IDE). Eclipse is an extraordinary tool, and it fills a long-standing need among Java developers—no longer do you have to suffer through pages of errors scrolling off the screen while using command-line Java compilers. Now you've got an IDE that will handle the details for you, letting you get on with writing code. If you've never used Eclipse before, your productivity is about to take a giant jump.