Jonathan Clayden, et al - "Organic Chemistry"

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Nick Greeves, Stuart Warren, Peter Wothers, Jonathan Clayden (Editor), "Organic Chemistry"
Oxford University Press | ISBN 0198503466 | 2000 Year | PDF | 31,8 Mb | 1508 Pages

This is undoubtedly the best modern book for learning Organic Chemistry. It simply cannot be compared with any of the traditional texts like Morrison and Boyd, because it presents Organic Chemical research as a cutting edge science of the present and future. Since it was first published in 2001, in this book you will find accounts of reactions and reagents that you will simply not find in any similar text. From Suzuki, Heck, and Sonogashira couplings to very important new reactions like Grubbs' olefin metathesis, it covers the whole gamut of current organic chemistry. The most important and fascinating aspect of the book is the almost countless examples of modern drugs, pesticides and other molecules that are presented to illustrate the reactions. In this, for example, one can find the example of how the simple concept of pKa of acids was used in the synthesis of Ranitidine, the best selling drug of today. Or a separate interesting chapter on Sulfur chemistry and Asymmetric Synthesis as applied to important problems in Biology and Medicine.
In fact, the whole approach is very much bioorganic as well as highly practical. From this book, we learn how organic chemistry is used in a highly exciting manner by real life chemists solving real life problems. It truly conveys the excitement in organic chemistry as practiced today. I believe that if you can thoroughly grasp the principles in this book, you are probably comparable to the best organic chemistry graduate in the world. The informal and honest style of the authors is almost too good to believe. Boxed material which contains key points and the colour used in the book make it a very attractive one. The book is a source of an incredible amount of information. The authors must have really spent a lot of efforts in writing it. Truly a book for the 21st century.
A book which is an absolute must on the shelves of practicing chemists and students alike.

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