Organizational Knowledge: The Texture of Workplace Learning

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Organizational Knowledge: The Texture of Workplace Learning (Organization and Strategy) (Paperback)
by Silvia Gherardi

Why has the issue of learning and knowledge in organizations been the
subject of such lively debate over the last 20 years? This book furnis
hes an answer to this question, supported with arguments, and founded
on data and examples from empirical research. The author uses her
detailed study of safety practices in different corporate settings to
ground her theories of organizational learning. She shows how safety
can be interpreted as an organizational practice and, using this
example, she empirically describes how learning, knowing and organizin
g are practised. Her account centres on the transformative concepts
of "knowing in practice" and the "texture" of organizational learning.
This book gives readers a rich account or how organizations learn
and how corporate practices and policies evolve, and in this way
makes an important contribution to our understanding of organizational