O'rielly: JAVA 3D Programming

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O'rielly: JAVA 3D Programming

Daniel Selman, «JAVA 3D Programming»
Publisher: O'reilly | ISBN: 9781930110359 | Size: 4.5 MB | Pages: 352 | PDF

Java 3D is a client−side Java application programming interface (API) developed at Sun Microsystems for rendering interactive 3D graphics using Java. Using Java 3D you will be able to develop richly interactive 3D applications, ranging from immersive games to scientific visualization applications.

Java 3D Programming is aimed at intermediate to experienced Java developers. Previous experience in graphics programming (OpenGL and Swing, for example) will be very useful, but it's not a prerequisite. No book stands alone and you should make good use of the many online resources and books listed in appendix B and the bibliography. Readers new to Java 3D should definitely download Sun's excellent (free) Java 3D tutorial. This book is intended to serve as a companion to the Sun API documentation and the Java 3D tutorial.