Osho, «The Tantra Vision, Volume 1 & 2»

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Osho, «The Tantra Vision, Volume 1 & 2»

Osho, «The Tantra Vision, Volume 1 »
ISBN: 0-88050-144-8 | PDF | 195 pages | 1,2 Mb

Osho, «The Tantra Vision, Volume 1 & 2»

Osho, «The Tantra Vision, Volume 2»
ISBN : 0-88050-145-6 | PDF | 200 pages | 1,2 Mb

Saraha was born about two centuries
after Buddha. He was in the direct line of a different branch. One branch moves
from Mahakashyap to Bodhidharma and Zen is born – and it is still full of
flowers, that branch. Another branch moves from Buddha to his son, Rahul
Bhadra, and from Rahul Bhadra to Sri Kirti, and from Sri Kirti to Saraha, and
from Saraha to Nargarjuna – that is the Tantra branch. It is still bearing fruit in Tibet.
Tantra converted Tibet, and Saraha is the founder of Tantra just as
Bodhidharma is the founder of Zen. Bodhidharma conquered China, Korea, Japan.
Saraha conquered Tibet.
These Songs of Saraha are of great beauty. They are the very foundation of
Tantra. You will have to understand first the Tantra attitude towards life, the
Tantra vision of life.
The most basic thing about Tantra is this – and very radical, revolutionary,
rebellious – the basic vision is that the world is not divided into the lower and
the higher, but that the world is one piece. The higher and the lower are holding
hands. The higher includes the lower, and the lower includes the higher. The
higher is hidden in the lower – so the lower has not to be denied, has not to be
condemned, has not to be destroyed or killed. The lower has to be transformed.

Chapters of volume 1:

1. One whose arrow is shot, 2
2. The goose is out!, 23
3. This honey is yours, 42
4. Love is death, 62
5. Man is a myth,79
6. I am a destroyer, 99
7. Truth is neither holy nor unholy, 118
8. Be true to love, 138
9. Mind immaculate in its very being,158
10.Hingle de jibity dangely ji, 176

Chapters of volume 2:

1. The Tantra Map, 2
2. Freedom is a higher Value, 22
3. Breaking the four Seals, 41
4. Trust cannot be betrayed, 63
5. Nothing to nothing, 83
6. I am enough alone, 104
7. Intelligence is Meditation, 122
8. Love makes no shadow, 140
9. No-Mind is the Door, 161
10.Just a remembrance, 182

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