«Panzers in the East (1) The Years of Aggression 1941-1943»

Posted By: TankTiger

Robert Michulec, Wojciech Klonski (Color Plates), «Panzers in the East (1) The Years of Aggression 1941-1943»
Gardners Books | ISBN 9623616201 | 1997 Year | PDF

72 pages, 173 photos, and 16 color artist plates. Another potential good seller from Concord Publication's "Armor at War" series. This book brings you German armor in combat on the Eastern Front. It starts from Operation "barbarossa" in 1941, when the Germans invaded Russia, and ends at the Battle of Kursk in 1943. This period marked the Germans in the high tide. After the Battle of Kursk, the Germans started to retreat and this will be covered in the second volume. Michulec, Robert again has dug up many unpublished photos from the Polish and Czech archives, as well as personal collection, to put together this photo book. The photo coverage and inforamtion provided are very valuable to historians and modelers alike. The color plates are also unique with good illustrations of camouflage schemes and markings.