PC Magazine Guide Windows XP Media Center Edition, 2005

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The ultimate guide to selecting, using, and maximizing Windows XP Media Center Edition "X" –from world’s most popular technology magazine

Digital lifestyle pioneer and computing and entertainment expert Terry Ulick explains how to experience digital entertainment from anywhere in the room with Media Center’s sleek new user interface and a remote control

Teaches readers how to integrate Media Center with existing home entertainment components such as surround sound speakers, audio receivers, even the XBox

Shows how to mix music, make digital recordings of favorite programs, and even pause live TV

Covers the full range of Media Center capabilities, including new extender technologies that enable media center to send music, video, and photos to anywhere in the house

Learn to use your power well

As much as this book is about how to buy and use a Media Center PC, down deep it is…about how owning one changes the way you watch TV and manage your entertain-ment content. Like all good revolutions, this one empowers you.

The revolution has begun–in your living room!

Now PC Magazine gives you control of this new era in entertainment

One device. One remote. If that isn’t a revolutionary approach to entertainment, what is? Now a former PC Magazine contributing editor and digital lifestyle pioneer shows you how to activate all your MCE’s power. You’ll never again worry about missing the end of a TV show, finding that special photo, or having the perfect soundtrack ready to go. You can even say good-bye to your stereo, DVD player, and TiVo — your MCE PC replaces them all!

You’ll be empowered to

-Select and set up a Media Center Edition PC
-Decide whether to use it for general computing
-Record and pause live TV
-Edit, store, and share digital photos and videos
-Control all your media with one remote
-Connect and use both a TV and standard monitor–at once
-Build your home network around your MCE
-Transfer content to DVD
-Put Media Center on any TV in your home with a Media Center Extender

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