Pediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Genetics

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Pediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Genetics

Pediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Genetics (Essentials in Ophthalmology)
Author: by B. Lorenz (Editor), A.T. Moore (Editor)
ISBN: 3540225943
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (December 22, 2005)
Format: PDF - 240 pages
Price: $119.00

Book Description
This volume of the Essential Ophthalmology series covers topical issues in pediatric ophthalmology. The well-structured text provides an update on current issues in clinical practice and recent developments and controversies in key areas of this field. Written by internationally renowned experts, chapters range from preschool management of childhood cataract and pediatric ocular tumors. This excellent volume also covers clinically relevant aspects of developmental biology, such as the role of genes in eye development. All chapters are written in an easy-to-read format which has become the hallmark of the Essential Ophthalmology series. Not only ophthalmologists, but also pediatricians will find this book a helpful resource for their continuing education and daily practise.
Table of Contents
CoverContentsCHAPTER 1: Development of Ocular Refraction: Lessons from Animal ExperimentsCHAPTER 2: Preschool Vision Screening: Is It Worthwhile?CHAPTER 3: Modern Treatment of AmblyopiaCHAPTER 4: Retinopathy of Prematurity: Molecular Mechanism of DiseaseCHAPTER 5: Screening for Retinopathy of PrematurityCHAPTER 6: Controversies in the Management of Infantile CataractCHAPTER 7: Management of Infantile GlaucomaCHAPTER 8: Pediatric Ocular OncologyCHAPTER 9: Paediatric Electrophysiology: A Practical ApproachCHAPTER 10: Clinical and Molecular Genetic Aspects of Leber's Congenital AmaurosisCHAPTER 11: Childhood Stationary Retinal Dysfunction SyndromesCHAPTER 12: Childhood Retinal DetachmentCHAPTER 13: Eye Manifestations of Intrauterine InfectionsCHAPTER 14: Nonaccidental Injury. The Pediatric Ophthalmologist's RoleSubject Index

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