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Pediastat is a concise reference tool for clinical use in urgent and emergency pediatric care. Newly designed for CD-ROM, Pediastat offers a comprehensive number of medical, toxicologic and trauma topics covering over 285 illnesses, ingestions, and injuries. Over 48 Symptom chapters offer algorithms that lead to specific diagnosis with hotlinks to relevant chapters. Each chapter is organized to present a brief overview of the disease, a bullet-point format approach to patient assessment, as well as acute care management criteria from pre-hospital to disposition. Over 174 practitioners of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and specialists in the relevant fields have contributed to the publication. Excellent as a quick update on pediatric topics, Pediastat will be of immediate value to practitioners in primary care practice as well as a hands-on tool in even the busiest Emergency Department. The disc also includes Lexi-Comp's Pediatric Dosage Handbook, the comprehensive, pharmacy reference found in the pockets of more emergency and pediatric physicians than any other.

• Contains more color images and new anatomical drawings than any other textbook
• Concise as a handbook with the breadth of a textbook
• Links from drug therapies to dosage and interaction information
• State-of-the-Art software
• Highlight and bookmark features for quick access to often used topics

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