Pharmaceutical Branding Strategies

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Steven Seget, "Pharmaceutical Branding Strategies: Thought leader perspectives on brand building, effective communication and future brand models", Business Insights | 2006 Year | PDF | ~1 Mb | 163 Pages

Pharmaceutical branding describes the process whereby companies attempt to transform an active chemical compound into a recognizable package of associated brand values; these values, such as effectiveness, safety, trust and other more emotional associations, have become increasingly important levers through which pharmaceutical marketers can look to achieve greater market share and loyalty in an evermore competitive market space. Pharmaceutical branding efforts impact on a range of related strategies, including brand name development, Rx-to-OTC switching, DTC marketing, PR and corporate communications. Rather than present a generalized summary of current perspectives in pharmaceutical branding strategies, this report brings together the different views found from across the industry, presented directly from the experiences of leading experts in the field. The report contains the views of ten experts drawn from across different sectors of the branding arena, including industry product and marketing managers, advertising agency executives and management consultants. In an attempt to shed light on the future direction of this dynamic topic, Pharmaceutical Branding Strategies provides a unique window into the perspectives and experiences of those leaders at the forefront of shaping that future.