Philip´s Atlas of the Universe 2005

Posted By: Alexun
Philip´s Atlas of the Universe 2005

Sir Patrick Moore, Philip´s Atlas of the Universe 2005

Publisher: Philip's | ISBN: 0540087912 | 2005 Year | language: english | pdf | 288 pages | 49,4 MB

Now in its 5th edition, this best-selling reference book is a must for amateur astronomers. Written by Sir Patrick Moore, Britain's best-known astronomer, it is a classic and highly readable account of the stars, the planets and the Universe, together with practical advice on observing the night sky. This fully revised new edition has been updated to include the latest information and images from the current space missions, including Cassini. It is illustrated with hundreds of colour pictures, including spectacular photographs from ground-and space-based telescopes. It also contains a complete atlas of the constellations.

Note: some images are missing from this release. This is not a pdf fault, it is just the way it was released this edition on the Thomson Gale on line library.