Zend PHP Certification Guide and Practices (Both books)

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Zend PHP Certification Guide and Practices (Both books)

John Coggeshall and Marco Tabini, «The Zend PHP Certification Practice Test Book»
ISBN 0-9735898-8-4 | First Edition: January 2005 | PDF | 822 Kb | 127 Pages

Zend Technologies, «Zend PHP Certification Study Guide»
ISBN 0-672-32709-0 | First Edition: July 2004 | PDF | 1.9 Mb | 264 Pages

For Zend Certification Study Guide

IF YOU’RE READING THIS BOOK, you’ve probably made a decision that becoming a Zend Certified Engineer is an important step in your career. And, indeed, it might well be – the certification exam will test your knowledge of PHP in many areas, ranging from the basics to the more complex topics. As PHP’s adoption grows inside the enterprise, being certified can mean that you will have an edge when that dream job comes along! The exam was designed by a number of well-known people in the PHP community in collaboration with experts in the field of computer-assisted testing.They approached it with a simple set of goals:
• Test the level of PHP knowledge of the candidate without prejudice to other technologies
• Use a set of testing questions that reflect real-world scenarios as accurately as possible
• Avoid questions that rely on a person’s understanding of the language rather than his or her understanding of PHP and its related programming techniques

The Zend PHP Certification Practice Test Book

WRITING AN EXAM IS never an easy task. Socrates is quoted as saying that “an unexamined life is not worth living,” but (although he wasn’t really referring to taking technical tests) we’re
sure that most people sitting in an examination room would gladly exchange places with the legendary philosopher and drink his hemlock rather than take a test. Luckily, writing an exam doesn’t have to be such a traumatic experience. Given enough preparation and experience, you should be able to successfully pass it without much in the way of problems. The Zend exam itself is designed with two goals in mind: first, to test your knowledge of PHP and, second, to do so with as much of a practical approach as possible.

No password Required. Simple download, study and prepare yourself, take exam and get certified. :D