Scientific American: Extreme Physics (MegaU+RapidS)

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Time travel, teleportation, parallel universes–in certain sectors of the physics community, notions once relegated to the realm of science fiction are now considered quite plausible. Indeed, by some accounts, the truth may be stranger than fiction. Consider the possibility that the universe is a huge hologram or that matter is composed of tiny, vibrating strings. Perhaps space and time are not continuous but instead come in discrete pieces. These are the wonderfully weird ways in which theorists are beginning to conceive of the world (or worlds!) around us.

In this exclusive online issue, leading authorities share their expertise on these cutting-edge ideas. Brian Greene untangles string theory; Max Tegmark reveals how astronomical observations support the existence of parallel universes; other scholars tackle quantum teleportation, negative energy, the holographic principle and loop quantum gravity; and Gordon Kane ushers in the dawn of physics beyond the Standard Model. –The Editors

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