Pimsleur learn French v.III (Repost)

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Pimsleur learn French v.III (Repost)

French III - Learn to Speak and Understand French with Pimsleur
ISBN : 0743528751 | 201Mo | Audio book | MP3 | 96kbs

With Pimsleur Language Programs you don't just study a language, you learn it – the same way you mastered English! And because the technique relies on interactive spoken language training, the Pimsleur Language Programs are totally audio – no book is needed!

The Pimsleur programs provide a method of self-practice with an expert teacher and native speakers in lessons specially designed to work with the way the mind naturally acquires language information. The various components of language – vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar – are all learned together without rote memorization and drills. Using a unique method of memory recall developed by renowned linguist, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, the programs teach listeners to combine words and phrases to express themselves the way native speakers do. By listening and responding to thirty minute recorded lessons, students easily and effectively achieve spoken proficiency.

The Comprehensive Program is the ultimate in spoken language learning. For those who want to become proficient in the language of their choice, the Comprehensive programs go beyond the Basic Programs to offer spoken-language fluency. Using the same simple method of interactive self-practice with native speakers, these comprehensive programs provide a complete language learning course.